Monday, January 11, 2010

DateTime.ParseExact bug when converting yymmdd format :-)

I have not seen many applications use yymmdd format but I had to get some date from our legacy server which had yymmdd date on one of the column. I always used DateTime.ParseExact method to parse the date and get the format which I wanted. Here also I had used the same.

Recently, one of the rows had a date like 300101 which is actually 2030-01-01 but this method was converting it to 1930-01-01.

objDateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(“300101”, "yymmdd", System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture);


This seems to be odd and I tried passing 290101 and it converted correctly as 2029-01-01. I am still kind of thinking that this is a bug in this method but I am not sure if this method was intended to do this.It was converting to Century as 19 only when the year has more than 2030. But anyways I have changed my prgram to change the format to yyyymmdd if the year is more than 20 years from now. Just thought it might help if someone using yymmdd.

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